Cover: Cindy Crawford | Vogue [India]

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ad: Coco Rocha x Cheol Park & Cindy Crawford x Herb Ritts MCM

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Cindy “Yooooou daaaa BEEEEEEESSSSSST”

As far as symbols of ’80s excess go, it’s hard to beat Cindy Crawford (she of big hair and voluptuous — by model standards, anyway — body) and MCM (Mode Creation Munich), the Euro leather goods brand, whose flashy logoed caramel-colored bags gave even Gucci and Louis Vuitton a run for their money. (Did we mention this was the ’80s?) The MCM ads were equally flashy, featuring Crawford perched on a pile of suitcases or posing wearing nothing except a giant MCM logo. (If that weren’t enough, they were signed “I want my MCM” and “The beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Awwww.) And while you might think that such naked consumption went the way of the world economy, you would think wrong. Not only has the brand been on a store opening spree with 15 new Saks Fifth Avenue boutiques and a Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive boutique scheduled for later this year, but it has signed on as a sponsor for New York fashion week. MCM is even recreating its Cindy Crawford campaign, this time around with the model Coco Rocha. Under the circumstances, the images are a bit more modest — Rocha’s mane is tamed down, and she’s wearing a bustier dress — but the message is not lost.

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Cover: Cindy Crawford | L’Officiel [Paris]

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Cover: Cindy Crawford | Harper’s Bazaar [Uk] [Cedric Buchet]

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Costume Institute Gala: 2009


The Red Carpet with everyone from Ye to Russell Simmons, Heidi Klum, Jimmy Fallon, Cindy Crawford and others at the 2009 Costume Institute Gala.

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