Stunt: Samantha Jo Alonso x Fendi

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Murder She Wrote! Sam aka The Fashion Angela Lansbury

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Stunt: Fanny x Nike Pigeon socks x Red Pumps

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The homie Fanny Ho was just playing around with a pair of red pumps and nike pigeon socks.

Stunt: Carine Roitfeld x Salvadore Dali Necklace

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“But It’s A Bigger Picture, Homes, Trust I’ve Done Seen It
From Frankfurt To Coloon,  Glasgow To Sweeden
From Italy’s Milan To The Shores Of Napali
Now I Consider Ferrari And Salvidor Dalis
I’m No Longer Local,My Thoughts Are Global
That’s Why I Seem Distant, Son Expand Your Vision
Even Adored By Norwegian Women, Blond Hair And Blue Eyes
I’m Gettin’ Back Like A Vengence
Whip It Like They Want Me All Attached To The Kitten
And They Wonder In These Rap If I’m Kiddin” – Malice

Paris Vogue Editor Carine Roitfeld necklace designed by Salvadore Dali

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Stunt: Kanye’s Horus Chain & Pyramid Ring

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Do the MATH kid!

The eagle signifies complete freedom and power. In ancient Egypt the massive wings of the eagle stood out on each side of the sun disk which represented Horus the Supreme god in Egyptian mythology.The eagle was used in the flag to signify freedom,power, bravery and air sovereignty.Also the Egyptian eagle is the national coat of arms.


Stunt: Michele Lopes x Sex in the City 2 [Premiere]

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Friendemy Michele Lopes sent me an e-mail & the following caption a couple days ago: It’s my turn to brag!! ;-)

When I told her I would see her there. She responded: Ew. Really? Lmao! & Where are you sitting?


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