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Follow your Dreams…

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KR3W x TV Show “Lost”: “I Heart My Shitzu” T-shirt

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I had a shih-tzu named Spike when I was a shorty. Damm, I miss that dog to this day. Parents gave him away without me knowing.

Television show LOST has created an underground viral marketing campaign that kicked off at Comic-Con 2009, with comedian Paul Scheer and his black velvet fan art moment during the show’s infamous panel. Since that moment, the show has created what is easily one of the most intricate and in-depth fan appreciation marketing campaigns ever attempted. They will release 16 limited edition, hand-signed and numbered screen prints designed by some of the world’s top artists and graphic designers at their website DamonCarltonAndAPolarBear.com. Each poster has been revealed in a scavenger hunt, traveling through both reality and the virtual world. LOST has thrown parties at Club Bardot in Hollywood with DJ AM and Steve Aoki, coordinated with Crumbs Bakery in LA and NY for workers to wear Cupcake Dharma jumpsuits for a day, set up a book display at the University of Arizona featuring actual props from the show and had custom made instruments made for the band Fall Out Boy during a recent concert stop in Dallas, TX. Each of these small stunts lead fans to a website where the posters are sold, and the 1st buyer of each print is rewarded with a special prize.

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Depche Mode – “Hole to feed”

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Bape: Tiger Sweat Stadium Jackets

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Bape will be releasing the Tiger Sweat Stadium Jacket on October 3rd in US stores. The jacket comes in 4 colorways, with each color being limited to certain stores:

  • Gray/White – LA, NY and Online
  • Black/Black – Bapexclusive, LA, NY
  • Black/White – limited to NY
  • Black/Purple – limited to LA

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Cover: Toni Garrn | Numero [Tokyo]

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