A Bathing Ape Winter 2008 Collection

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come on nigo…

Some new items have popped up from A Bathing Ape to add to the winter holiday lineup. Notable of them are the Baby Milo reindeer cell phone strap and tee, winter fur jackets, mittens, outlined cow parkas and a clean and simple all-white classic Bapesta. Available now at all Bape stores worldwide.



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Engineered Garments Quick Release Belt

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I’m just sayin…never know when it’s gonna go down!

Odin stock this quick release belt from Japan’s Engineered Garments. The firefighter style belt has a release lever built into the clasp making it that much easier to drop your pants in crucial moments. A nice party trick belt that will garner you that all important attention. Strap it on for 175$US.

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KarmaloopTV: JUSTICE

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I can’t wait for this to drop. Loic and I was talking about this last week @ the BBC friends and family sale.

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Stussy Milano Fixed Cap

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 My pops used to rock this cap that said brooklyn back in the days. I wanted one so bad. spike is the man for rocking the brooklyn cap in jordan commericals back in the days. click more to revist those days.

Stussy Milan will be releasing a fixed cap in a series of colors. The caps come in black, yellow, red and blue and feature the Stussy fixed logo that we have already seen on a couple of t-shirts this season. The good news is, if you go tomorrow morning with your bike to the Stussy Milan Chapter Store, you receive the cap for free!

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LeBron James: “Chalk” Commercial cameo by Lil Wayne

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